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Internal Doors

Internal Doors are manufactured in the UK by JCK Joinery.

We offer both a contemporary and traditional internal doors solution. Not only can we provide range of aesthetically pleasing designs for internal doors, we also provide internal doors with fire ratings:

  • 30minute – FD30 Internal doors
  • 60minute – FD60 Internal doors

Time saving – all the components for the internal doors can be scheduled and specified in advance, brought together off-site and identified to fit individual structural openings, giving faster installation times and reducing on-site labour.

Internal doors kit – Minimizes waste
All the components for each of the internal doors kit are delivered together.

Internal doors kit provides Improved accuracy
Off-site assembly of internal doors in a quality-controlled environment.

Internal doors kit is a one-stop shop
One product from one supplier versus several products from several suppliers.

Internal doors kit means – Flexibility

You control the package from a basic menu of parts to an assembled and pre-hung internal door with fitted hardware.