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Passiv Haus External Doorset.


Passiv Haus

Passive Haus doorset

CE marked and compliant to EN 14351-1. Passiv Haus certified.

A Passive House maintains a comfortable interior climate without active heating or cooling systems. Effectively the house heats and cools itself, hence the term “passive”. External heat is gained from the sun and internal gains are derived from appliances and the occupants.

Key factors are air tightness, insulation and minimising thermal bridging. Internal air quality will be maintained by mechanical ventilation and / or careful control of air flow.

Doors and windows play a critical roll in maintaining a satisfactory environment. A Passive House Institute certified product ensures compliance with the spirit and criteria essential to the Passiv Haus.

JCK Joinery is pleased to offer compliant doorsets. Various designs are available, with or without triple glazed vision panels, and multipoint standard or automatic locking. The door is 98mm thick with, 5 ply face, spruce core and steel stabiliser towards locking edge and is fitted to an 85 x 98mm softwood frame.



Panic Escape

Panic Escape doorset

External Panic Escape Doorset

CE marked and compliant to enhanced security PAS 24 and EN 14351-1.

Multipoint or single point locking with hardware certified to EN 1125 Panic Door or EN 179 for Emergency Exit certification. Non fire and fire rated FD30 or FD60 options available.


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